The Whitebred Bichons Frisés

Bichon Frisé (pronounced be shon freesay)

Health Guarantee

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I'm glad you are interested in adopting a healthy dog. You are right to be concerned about your dog's health, because there are many puppies being sold with no regard to either health, temperament or breed type. Of course all our dogs are OFA tested for healthy hips and patellas. Their eyes are also CERFed to ensure that they are normal. (My own dogs' hearts, elbows, and thyroids are also tested.) We would never breed any dog with any identifiable health problem.

I wish we could guarantee that our puppies will be free from any disease. Unfortunately, the best we can do is test their parents and grandparents as far back as we can. We expect our puppy buyers to do their best also, which includes testing their dog, too, at appropriate ages. We expect that we have bred a healthy, happy, well-rounded and beautiful Bichon Frise - but know that in spite of our best efforts things can and do go wrong occasionally. We wish to work with you throughout your dog's lifetime, to answer your questions, hear about your successes and share pictures.


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