The Whitebred Bichons Frisés

Bichon Frisé (pronounced be shon freesay)

One of my owners is a writer for several magazine articles and his dog Ripley made the cover of animal tales magazine Ripley is loved and owned by Bryan Beckley and family
When Vic and I started doing some research on the breed of dog we wanted after Casey passed away, it came down to two choices..a Havanese or Bichon.  We had an appointment in to see a lovely Havanese mom in Connecticut a few days after meeting your babies.  After leaving…
It was good to hear from you and to learn that you continue your wonderful tradition of bringing all your "Bichon Family" together.  We are sorry to miss it again but Bob, Louie and I have rented a cottage in The Cotswolds in south central England for the month of July. …
She's a bit of a mess here after all the rain of the last few days, but what a wonderful dog! Either she's the smartest bichon I've ever had or I'm finally the one who's trained. She comes to me on the "come" command. She does down. She sits. She's…
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