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Wonderful Rudy

Hi Karen,  
I wanted to let you know what a wonderful dog Rudy is.  His Vet said that if she could have a Bichon just like Rudy she would.  His health, temperment, and beauty are amazing.  He is my champion!
Rudy had a great day last Wednesday.  My 4 year old grand daughter wanted Rudy to come to school.  The principal called me and asked me to bring him to her pre K class of 24 children.  She actually wanted him to visit 8 classes of about 20 children each.  He was loved by at least 160 children in about 2 hours.  Rudy was so happy and gentle.  He did his tricks and let each child pet him after he sniffed their hand.  The children and teachers were in love.  How could you not be in love with Rudy, he loves everyone.  He is my best Bichon yet!!!!!   
Thank you for a great pet, Champion, and hopefully certified therapy dog.  That is our next project.  As you know I am a pediatric physical therapist and Rudy loves to work with me.
Look forward to seeing you soon.
karen lyman


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