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Bichon Frisé (pronounced be shon freesay)

Information on Belly Bands

You can get them at any pet store or online (Petsmart has a good one) There are also custom belly bands that are $6 each that are cuter on at a store called Codys Haven (She will make any band in any pattern you like). You will need at least 2 so if one gets wet or dirty you have another till you wash the other one. Bichon's (between 12-18 lbs) will need size XL for the custom bands from the Etsy lady. But if you are getting them from Petco or Petsmart... those bands you will need a MEDIUM. The ones from Petsmart are better than the ones from Petco (Petco's tend to not stick as well after washing).

All you have to do is put a Depends, Poise or CVS type Incontinence pad in them and the pee goes in the pad and no where else. If they pee a lot or you are not home for extended periods, then getting the Large or Extra Large Absorbancy pad is best. Make sure his little wee wee is completely covered / inside the belly band and not sticking out.

Personally I like the Custom bands as they fit better, look better and are cheaper here is the link to Codys Haven custom belly bands:  here is the link to the Petsmart Male Doggie Wraps

Make SURE you get MALE DOGGIE WRAPS and not DIAPERS (Diapers are for GIrl Dogs and are made different) Here is a video on how to use them (Some people just use the belly band with no pad in them, but I don't recommend that as you will be washing them over and over every few hours or it will leek) Make sure you put a PAD inside the belly band.

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