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Oscar is at Princeton

Hi Karen,

We did forget, or rather I thought Peter had emailed and he thought I emailed. We won't be able to come on Saturday. We have friends visiting from out of town.

Oscar has been doing really well. I still take him at least twice a week to my office at Princeton University and the staff/faculty/students love him! He has many fans! Here is the website from my department with a little picture of Oscar when he was smaller:

He does get many visitors and I have students that come by every week just to see him.

This year we went on a family road trip vacation to Charleston, SC and of course Oscar came along. Charleston is extremely dog-friendly and you can have dogs under your table if you sit outside. Some restaurants there would be three or four other dogs with their families when we got there. Oscar was a star of course and we met lots of people who wanted to know what kind of dog he was or wanted to pet him.

No matter where we walk Oscar we can see the big smiles on people's faces as they are walking toward us and we hear "so cute" and "how sweet" wherever we are. You can't be shy if you have a bichon! Everyone wants to talk to you and pet your little friend. So things are good. As I write this Oscar is sitting next to me on his little dog bed that I keep on our porch swing. Peter built a gate for our porch so Oscar can either be on the swing or sit anywhere he wants without having to be on his leash. I think the porch is his favorite place.

Sorry we will miss this year's party! Looking forward to seeing it on Animal Planet!


Karen Sisti

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