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Hi Karen,
Just a short hi.  I am back from Florida two weeks now.  Girls were groomed last week by Olga.  Did I hear her correctly that you saw Chloe and Sadie?  Anyway, hope all is well with you and your family.  Guess you will be busy with Janet's puppies soon.  She sent me a picture of "the stomach". haha  

I just want to tell you that Sadie and Chloe are the love of my life.  (Tom's okay. haha)  They are by far the best dogs I have ever have.  Chloe has the most loving personally and so smart.  Sadie is "my dumb blond" , however she is so sweet and has the cutest personally.  And she truely loves her mom, Chloe.  She does have a mind of her own...gave olga some greef the other day.  But I am so happy that I found you and am grateful for all the love these dogs add to my life.  When Tom comes home they lick him to death. And having two is great!  

So that said I'll close for now and go take a nap.  That's all you want to do in this dreadful weather.

Ronnie 5-23-11

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